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адвокат Падва Генрих ПавловичPadva & Partners, Attorneys at Law provides a variety of legal services to its clients including but not limited to the following:

  • client representation in general jurisdiction courts, state arbitration courts and arbitration tribunals;
  • carrying out proceedings on criminal cases;
  • legal advice and preparation of due diligence reports and legal opinions in the fields of business and corporate law, banking law, foreign currency operations law, tax law, anti-monopoly law and securities law;
  • legal advice on anticorruption laws and compliance with capability to assist in internal investigations and compliance due diligence;
  • legal guidance in finance projects, drafting of contracts, agreements and other documents required in all types of civil transactions, as well as registration of labor relations;
  • assistance in foundation of all types of commercial and non-commercial organizations including banks and non-bank credit institutions, and assistance in registration and accreditation of branch offices of foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Padva & Partners is associated with International Attorneys Union and jointly work in with law firms in the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Israel, Latvia and in the other countries , . Padva & Partners and its affiliates can provide all encompassing legal assistance to its clients operating not only in Russia but also worldwide as well as the former republics of Soviet Union.

Padva & Partners consists of thirty lawyers, of which twenty seven are members of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates.

The Law Office provides legal services in Russian and English.